We want our kids to know that at their very core is something good and uniquely special about them – to know they matter and have value in the world. May we guide their journey to have courage, zest, and fortitude in shining their light and gifts on a hopeful path inspiring their best and brightest future. ~ Peter Benson, author of Sparks.


Calling all educators to illuminate every student’s sense of identity and purpose through exploring, mining understanding and finally imagining a story 20 years from now living their BEST future. I-imagine: Taking MY Place in the World is a personal, scrapbooking journey grounded in new research showing significant gains that come from inspiring hope, joy and action in learners. Students are guided to discover and activate life-goals for shining their light in the world for good – living in the truth that their lives and talents matter to the world. A finale multimedia, vision video culminates a well-crafted, docudrama narrative storytelling with closing advice to their younger self AS IF their future life is NOW.

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I-Imagine Student Scrapbook and Teacher’s Guide resources are available as a LICENSED PDF book package for either individual educators or site-based one-time fee. This LICENSED PDF book package gives permission for unlimited duplication in perpetuity for buyers.  Workshops, Camps and Artist-in-Residence Programs also available. View I-imagine Wiki Resources.  To order resources or onsite professional development, contact Bernajean@DigiTales.us.


  • To inspire educators to in turn inspire ALL students in creating and nourishing their own best future using research-based strategies that activate purpose, hope and passion for learning and living a life that matters
  • To raise engagement. Raise hope. Raise achievement. On PURPOSE!
  • To share the vision video process, resources, and curriculum to launch I-imagine projects with students district-wide.
  • To model the use of technology-based, multimedia skills in crafting projects that impact and matter in student lives
  • To share student-produced digital products and lessons learned from classrooms that invested in futuring with docudramas


When kids can name and nourish their “spark” – every outcome parents and educators care about changes dramatically. – Peter Benson, Author of Sparks and President of Search Institute

Young people who have identified their “spark” aka strengths, talents and affinities

  • have higher grades in school
  • have higher attendance in school
  • are more likely to be socially competent – less violent
  • are more likely to be physically healthy
  • are more likely to volunteer to help other people
  • are more likely to be good stewards of the earth and its resources
  • are more likely to have a sense of hope and purpose

Hope matters! Data shows that as hope increases so does the ability of students to improve academically in the areas of math and reading.

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