“My digital story was truly a labor of love. DigiTales Storytelling Camp was a powerful and intense experience that gave me a precious gift to share with others.” – Pam Lowe

Digital Storytelling takes the ancient art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using images, graphics, music and sound mixed together with the author’s own story voice. Digital storytelling is an emerging art form of personal, heartful expression that enables individuals and communities to reclaim their personal cultures while exploring their artistic creativity. While the heart and power of the digital story is shaping a personal digital story about self, family, ideas, or experiences, the technology tools also invite writers and artists to think and invent new types of communication outside the realm of traditional linear narratives.

You are invited to host or participate in a DigiTales Storytelling Camp . Bring your memories, experiences, images, videos, and other memorabilia along with a readiness to have great fun and learning. No techno savvy needed to join in! This is a perfect experience for beginning storytellers or technology learnersmemorable experiential event designed to give paper-trained adults of all ages an in-depth and personal immersion with the power of reading/writing multimedia communication.

DigiTales’ website provides ideas, resources and inspiration for families, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, churches and everyone else ready to discover the power and magic of merging the art of storytelling with the enchantment of using digital tools. Let all DigiTales StoryKeepers be heard far and wide!